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A farewell and a new beginning


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It has been a very long time since I last published an article in my blog. In fact my last post on renaming a SharePoint Solution has been published in november last year and many of you have asked me, if I'm still into SharePoint.

The distinct answer is 'YES!'. I'm still doing SharePoint consulting and SharePoint development. The reason why I didn't had the time to write blog posts regularly is easily explained: I'm going to relocate to Vancouver (Canada) with my family soon!

British Columbia and the city of Vancouver has always been very attractive to my family and me. We spent many weeks in that area and in summer last year we showed British Columbia to our twins (needles to say they were excited). At the end of our holidays I thought about trying to find a new job as SharePoint consultant in Vancouver and I'm thankful that my wife encouraged me to do so. Back in Germany I contacted Softlanding, because I knew that they are into SharePoint and are supporting the SharePoint usergroup in Vancouver as well. What started as a simple inquiry became very soon an intensive conversation. I gained an insight into how Softlanding is handling SharePoint projects and how they are doing SharePoint development and Softlanding learned about me and my work, my knowledge and my dedication for the european SharePoint community. We had many phone calls and many Skype meetings and exchanged a lot of emails - and finally we decided that a cooperation would be more than just gainful for both of us. In fact ... I really was excited when thinking about working at Softlanding!

But that's only half the story :)  With the letter of acceptance I got from Softlanding, my wife and me now needed to figure out, if we can afford living in Vancouver. Although Vancouver is a very beautiful city with a high quality of life, it is also an expensive city. My wife and I spent many evenings comparing the costs of living, creating Excel sheets, checking insurances and how to apply for a work permit (which hasn't been as easy as I thought). Softlanding provided a tremendous support and I'm very thankful for their valuable assistance. During that time I learned that it is everything, but easy to relocate from Germany to Canada with a family. In the end that has been the reason why I have not been able to publish blog posts during the past months.

But now we're just a few days ahead of our move to Canada. The overseas container with our household is already on its way to Vancouver (via Antwerp and Montreal) and it's time to say goodbye to our family and friends. Just after the easter holidays I'm going to start at Softlanding and I'm very excited (didn't I mention that already?). Although I will focus on the Canadian SharePoint community as this will be my new environment, I won't forget about the european readers of my blog and the european SharePoint community. You will still find new blog posts here and I'm also continuing to publish articles at the blog of European SharePoint like I did before. Of course I will blog about my experiences as a Canadian SharePoint consultant and our new live in Vancouver as well.

Now that you know why it has been a little quiet here, I encourage you to stay tuned (and follow me on twitter). There's more to come ...


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