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How to use a SharePoint Taxonomy control in custom code


Oliver Wirkus



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Recently I needed to add a taxonomy control to a SharePoint 2010 application page. Although this is no rocket science, I needed a few trials to assign the basic configuration to the control the right way. And that’s always a good reason to write down my lessons-learned ;-)

1. Step: Add this line to the top of the application page:


As I was coding for SharePoint 2010, the version is set to 14. If you are using SharePoint 2013, the version and the PublicKeyToken need to be adjusted.


2. Step: Add the control to the application page



3. Step: Configure the control

The control needs to be connected to a TermSet to be able to show items. If these values are static values, you may add them to control directly. I decided to use code-behind to pass the configuration to the control.


These are the basic steps. With this basic configuration the taxonomy control is able to show all terms in the given term set.


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