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Workaround: Manually syncing your LinkedIn contacts with


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Linking your LinkedIn account with  your account has many advantages. Personally I like to have all my contacts accessible in one place. That’s why I connected my LinkedIn account with my personal account. Now I have all contacts synced to

  • the contacts app of my personal Notebook running Windows 8.1
  • the contacts app of my Smartphone (currently a Lumia 920)
  • the contacts list of Outlook 2013
  • the contacts app of my tablet (currently an Acer Iconia Tab running Android)

But for several months now I encountered problems when trying to sync new LinkedIn contacts. Although the problems seems solved for a few weeks, currently new contacts are not  synced anymore. Several users reported that kind of problem to Microsoft, but to my knowledge there is yet no solution.

I don’t want to wait until Microsoft finally fixed the bug – so I was looking for a workaround. At least I found a way to manually (and reliably) sync new LinkedIn contacts. This is what I do to start a manually sync:

1. Log in to and open your account settings



2. Click on ‘Related accounts’



3. Click on ‘Manage other accounts’



4. Click on ‘Edit’ under your LinkedIn account



5. Don’t change any setting here – just click on ‘Save’


It just takes a few seconds and my LinkedIn accounts are synced to all connected devices. Until Microsoft finally found and fixed the bug I can live with this manual workaround. I usually do this once or twice a week and my LinkedIn accounts are up to date – but I really would appreciate a fix from Microsoft, because a manual sync is not start-of-the-art (it’s rather very old-school), right?



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