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Michael Greth [SharePoint MVP]

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14.-17.11.2016 ESPC 2016 Wien 



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MVP AWARD 1998 - 2016



Auf geht es in ein neues Jahr - ich baue mir erstmal einen neuen Server auf Basis des Shuttle SB62G2 auf mit einem 120 GB S-ATA RAID auf. Für das eigene Netzwerk und die eigene Informationssammlung.

Und in der Zwischenzeit gibt es mal wieder ein ganze Reihe von Online-Seminaren zu Entwickler Themen:

  • Building Administrative Applications for Microsoft

Most of the feature sets of Microsoft Portal Server and Microsoft Windows Services are accessible through their object models-see portions useful for extensions and customizations.

  • Building Applications with People Objects in Microsoft Portal Server

Microsoft Portal Server can index, profile, target news to, and provide My Sites for users.

  • The people-centric features offer utility and extensibility.

See how to use them in your applications.

  • Building Custom Microsoft Sites with Templates and Site Definitions

See how, through the Microsoft Windows Services (WSS) object model, you can create and alter sites, templates, and features which is useful if you use sites as your user interface.

  • Connecting Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Portal Server v2.0

See how to build applications with Microsoft Portal Server v2.0 that integrate data from enterprise applications. Topics include integration, Web services, developer tools, and single sign on.

  • Creating Web Parts with Connections

Web Parts can talk to each other find out how. This session covers the means by which Web Parts can pass information back and forth to enable truly powerful composite user interface solutions.

  • Document Library Events and Building Custom Workflow Solutions in Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Services (WSS) offers an event model for reacting to changes in document libraries. See how to leverage that functionality to build custom workflow applications.

  • Microsoft Office 2003: Instant Messaging and Alerts in Microsoft

Microsoft sites support presence integration, enabling real-time communication information to be used within Web Parts and list views. Take a look at the integration and communication technology.

  • Mobility Solutions for Microsoft Products and Technologies

Take a look at a variety of extensions from independent software vendor (ISV) partners and custom development extension efforts that facilitate mobile access to Microsoft resources.

  • Search Extensibility 1: Using Microsoft Portal Server Search Technology

The search facilities in Microsoft Portal Server (SPS) were meant to be extended within sites themselves and reused within other applications. See how to do both.

  • Search Extensibility 2: Extending the Reach of Microsoft Portal Server Search Technology with Protocol Handlers and IFilters

See how to code low-level extensions to Microsoft Portal Server (SPS) search technology to enable the indexing of content from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats.

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